Bringing America back to Conservative Values. 



Illegal immigration hurts everyone. Our border communities are not offramps for human trafficking and life-threatening illicit drugs; these are human rights issues. As Americans, we realize the cartels do not care about aiding immigrants in the pursuit of a better life. Instead, their only concern is exploiting the problem to put money in their bank accounts and continue their lavish lifestyles.

The Biden Administration’s attempt to lift Title 42 restrictions is reckless and will result in the biggest humanitarian crisis in American history. An estimated 1 million migrants will flood the border within 60-90 days if Title 42 restrictions are lifted. Arizona is currently struggling with 1,000 migrants per day in Arizona. We cannot let a politically self-inflicted humanitarian crisis overwhelm our border because the federal government refuses to do its job.

Human trafficking and fentanyl seizures have all risen in the past year. Protect and seal the border and fix the LEGAL immigration system.

As Americans, I do not believe we will ever accept our government or its agents’ going door to door to remove people seeking a better life and the American dream. Still, the current chaos at the border is not acceptable.


Energy and gas prices are soaring, hurting Arizona families and causing businesses to raise prices. To make matters worse, the reckless spending by Democrats in Washington has led to the highest inflation since the 1970’s.  When I am in Congress, I will provide common-sense solutions to restore American Energy Independence that puts the citizens of CD9 first! This focus on our working families in CD9 will be a welcomed departure from demagoguery and half-baked conspiracies from our current Congressman. Our constituents deserve leadership!

I will work to make sure the federal government lives within its means, just like we all do at home.


The United States Constitutions Tenth Amendment states:

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

Our Constitution gives the states the ability to organize and conduct elections via the 10th Amendment.  I will never support the “federalization” of elections. Instead, we must ensure we have solutions to give everyone confidence in our electoral system. It is essential to our Republic to have fair and honest elections.


We stand with the Ukrainian people as they fight valiantly to push Russia back to their own borders. The United States and its allies took too long to deter an attack and overestimated Russian military strength. Russia’s perceived weakness of the commitment of NATO nations was a precipitating event to the invasion of Ukraine.

When I am elected to Congress, I will make sure we do the following so we do not have another global event that hurts Americans and costs billions of dollars:

I will increase the United States military intelligence budget so we can enhance the capabilities of our on the ground intelligence. In the case of Russia, it would have shown how feeble the traditional Russian military force capabilities were. Which in turn, could have assisted us in putting up better deterrence measures.

I support the addition of Finland and Sweden into the NATO alliance. Additionally, we need all NATO countries to pay their share to the alliance. NATO can not be a strong deterrent if the United States is the only option for arms and intelligence.

We need to secure our energy independence and an uninterrupted food supply. We can not have strategies at home where one negative global event causes massive market disruption. We need domestic energy production so we are not reliant on despots and dictators to fuel our economy.

We are now on the verge of significant food shortages around the world because Ukrainian wheat production has been severely limited. Our policy makers need to think through how dangerous a world food crisis is for the political stability of other nations.


Support Amendments to the Ground Water Management Act in Arizona to be more in line with other states in the region. Create Allowance for flexibility during emergency moments like a 25-year drought to address the vulnerable well referenced above to be provided an alternative water source than their vulnerable well (a local designated provider or an irrigation district). Possible temporary conversion of the 100-year assured program to be a 75-year program during the emergency. *(Even California’s program is a 25-year assured one.) Current conservation programs can continue and be somewhat enhanced during any period.

Desalination is currently the best long-term solution for Arizona. Our proximity to the Sea of Cortez along with strong relationships with governments in Mexico can be leveraged and enhanced to develop this future source for 2050 and beyond. Technology is advancing and capital flows to certainty and once the public and investors see the certainty of Arizona pursuing such a desalination program – an influx of capital would ensue.


I will always put the men and women of our military first, especially our veterans.  We are blessed to have thousands of current and former military members living in our district.  We need to ensure that veteran health care is a national priority.  We have let our veterans down by not providing the necessary physical and mental health care they have earned.  I will not let this stand!

I support the recent agreement where Congressional bargainers reached a deal to help our veterans.  The legislation is a boost to health care services and disability benefits for veterans exposed to toxic burn pits in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The agreement paves the way for passage of a bill that has become the top priority of veterans’ groups seeking to help the increasing number of people with illnesses that they believe are related to toxic exposure.


Education should be a local issue for our families. We need policies in place that allow our families to secure the best option for their children. School choice is essential to allow families freedom of choice in education. We allow families to pick which University their children choose; it only makes sense that we have that option in K-12.

Make sure the feds don’t get in the way.

We need a streamlined system when federal dollars are sent to states and need transparency to make sure the dollars actually go to the children and not to administrative bloat.

Under the 10th Amendment this is a state’s rights issue


Our Police need our support to protect our communities. Over the past few years anti-police rhetoric has been damaging to Police Departments across our nation. The aggressive activists that have targeted police with the support of Democrat elected officials have caused significant reduction in police forces from early retirement and those leaving the force all together. As of February 2022, our Department of Public Safety had 20% of its total workforce in unfilled officer positions.

When I go to congress, we will deal with our policing crisis by using common sense principals that will support our law enforcement community. The federal government should not be in charge of police reform, that is best left up to our local communities. Instead, I will push for additional funding for communities to use so our local police forces can hire additional police officers at the local level. In order to have vibrant police force we must put more officers in the community. The lack of sufficient resources has a direct effect on crime rates across Arizona. In conjunction with an open boarder policy, more drugs and violence have moved into our communities. When the federal government refuses to enforce its law enforcement policies it falls on our local communities to resolve the issue.

I will not support any effort, federal or local, to defund or reallocate resources from our local policy budgets. For our community to recover fully from the pandemic we first need to be sure that we are safe from crime. The lack of resources leads directly to additional drugs and homelessness in our streets. What we need are more police in conjunction with mental health professionals to reduce drugs and the connected homelessness problem.


It is the right of the American people to keep and bear arms. I support our Constitution that makes it clear that this right shall not be infringed and must continue to be protected. With the rapid increase in crime because of laxed policing and sentencing laws it becomes even more important that we can protect ourselves and our families. The left continues to blame our 2nd Amendment Right’s for the staggering violence in our big cities. What we all know is, almost without exception, that this violence is committed by criminals with illegal guns. It is essential that the government not attempt to take this right to bear arms away from law-abiding citizens. I support constitutional carry statutes and salute the states that have passed them. I would oppose ill-conceived laws that would restrict magazine capacity or ban the sale of the most popular and common modern rifle.

The American people have a right to keep and bear arms to protect themselves and protect their families. Lawful gun ownership enables Americans to exercise their God-given right of self-defense for the safety of their homes, their loved ones, and their communities. When I am in Congress, I will support this fundamental American right for law-abiding citizens. I will oppose federal licensing or registration of law-abiding gun owners, registration of ammunition, and restoration of the ill-fated Clinton gun ban.

I will always put our Constitutional Rights in the 2nd Amendment and our ability to protect our families first. I will always put PEOPLE OVER POLITICS!


Congress must keep the promise made to current retirees and those nearing retirement, as Social Security has been one of the primary pillars of retirement support for millions of older Americans for the past eight decades.I reject the idea that we can do nothing and expect that Social Security will be available for our future generations.  The Democratic Party still treats it that way, even though everyone knows that its current course will lead to a financial and social disaster. Instead of protecting current obligations to our seniors, the Democrats want to create more entitlement programs we cannot afford.  Many younger Americans have lost faith in the program and expect little return for what they are paying into the system.

When I am elected to Congress, I will work tirelessly to preserve and modernize a system of retirement security not changed since the old industrial era. Inaction is not acceptable, under current estimates Social Security financial solvency will be threatened in the next decade.  Reforms must be made to strengthen the long-term fiscal health of the program so that our children and grandchildren can have a bright future for retirement.

Current retirees and those close to retirement must be assured of their benefits. As Republicans, we oppose tax increases and believe in the power of markets to create wealth and to help secure the future of our Social Security system. The Biden Administrations Inflation is hurting our seniors, many of whom only have their Social Security savings to live off of.  As we pay out more inflation induced benefits to Social Security recipients it further dilutes the overall health of the fund.  This is more than a challenge. I view this as a moral obligation to those who trusted in the government’s word.